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Business Survival and Smart BusinessCover

A specialised product designed to provide a monthly cash benefit to a business to prevent costs escalating.

Cover at a glance:

If you, or a key person in your business, are unable to work for more than 10 hours a week because of illness or injury, the business will receive a monthly benefit.

You choose how to best spend this money to keep your business running smoothly.  This may include replacing lost revenue, paying your salary, meeting ongoing financial obligations or covering the cost of finding replacement staff.

Your benefit will not be offset by any other income you receive – you get what you pay for.

As the amount of your monthly payment is agreed at the time you take out AMP Business Survival Cover or Asteron's Smart Business Cover, you’re given the certainty of knowing exactly how much you would receive come claim time.

Plus, with a one or two year benefit available for business owners and a one year benefit available for employees, you’ll have plenty of time to decide the future of your business.

Both covers also have a number of other features:

  • No waiting period if you suffer a relapse within a year of your benefit ceasing
  • World-wide cover
  • You can choose not to cover AIDS-related conditions in order to reduce your premium
  • Mental Health Exclusion available with Smart Business

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