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Business owners typically insure their property within the business, thinking that this is their greatest asset. Often what they don't consider is that people in the business is the greatest asset, without people the business won't operate.

Mostly one person in particular is key to the success of the business. So what happens if that person is unable to be there because of ill health or worse, death?

The viability of the business may well be at risk. Creditors can quickly become concerned about what they are owed; the bank might become nervous about the business cash-flow and ability to remain solvent; the business may not be in a financial position to fund the extra expense of specialised locum labour to keep things going..............these are all real risks. If you have an aversion to the risks posed by the loss of a Key Person then you should consider managing that risk and insurance covers can offer that security cost-effectively. Ask us to help because we can help, as we have for many businesses.

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