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Shareholder and Partnership protection

If you have a business partner or partners, you need to consider what will happen upon the unexpected death or total disability of one (or more) of them. Have you got a Buy-Sell Agreement? If you said yes, then well done! But, do you know what it provides for? If it says that the surviving shareholders (in the case of a company) must buy the shares, is there the financial ability to carry that through? If you are in a partnership, then upon a partners death the partnership is immediately dissolved. So is there a Partnership Agreement? If you said yes to that, then are there funds available to buy the deceased partners interest? What if there isn't? How do you feel about being in business with your business partners spouse, or worse still the estate of your late partner? Tricky?

We can help with all these issues and more. Draft agreements for your solicitor and accountant; solutions to your particular needs; good advice and recommendations. It's what we do!

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