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Trauma cover

Sometimes referred to as Critical Care or Crisis Cover; it's all the same thing and it is cover for you in the event that you suffer a major medical crisis, but don't die because of it.


A really useful and popular cover for farmers and busines people alike, it can provide a cash injection to the business if the insured suffers.........a heart attack, cancer or stroke (plus about 40 odd other nasty things). A really useful tool for Keyman Cover.


My 'Rule of Thumb' for  a farm application is to be able to forward-pay 2-3 year's mortgage instalments, which frees up cash-flow for the farm and gives scope to employ extra staff without a blow-out of expenses. For a business operation other than a farm, an amount to inject cash to keep the confidence of creditors and bankers, or to cover the costs of appointing a locum manager or specialist staff member. Simple but effective and not too expensive.

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