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My family is important to me and I know they'll be looked after if I died. You should feel the same way about your family.

Insurance won't bring someone back from the dead, but it can make sure that those who are left behind are well cared for........a freehold home to live in, an ongoing income to buy the groceries, pay the bills, feed the family (and the pets!), have a holiday. Have enough to upgrade the car ocassionally, have some funds set aside for emergencies.


You need to plan.... and I can help.


When I prepare a plan for a client, I present the "Rolls Royce" version with all the options available, then they can choose what they want to leave out. It should fit your budget. You should have a Will. You may not need life cover, but you may need income cover, or trauma cover for you; and maybe the children. Is your house and contents, motor vehicle, boat or caravan cover accurate and appropriate? If you are a tenant you need Personal Liability cover and that cover is automatically included in a House Contents policy. If you think you should act on any of these points, then Contact Us


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