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Property and Asset Insurance:

Insuring what you own against Perils such as Fire, Flood, Earthquake and Wind as well as Accidental Damage (but not limited to just these events).

Assets you may want to insure:

  • Your House
  • House Contents
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Boat
  • Caravan
  • Trailer

You can package all your assets into one or insure separately.

The best House Contents policies insure for Replacement Value and also include cover for personal effects temporarily away from the home. Homes built after 1945 can generally be insured on the basis of their area, for full replacement. It's important to get the house measured accurately!

Best choice:

A packaged plan. You then have a ‘one-stop' shop and your loyalty is recognised by the insurer, not only at claim time but by package discounts.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a tenant in a flatting situation or a boarder then you should have your Contents and Personal Effects insured, as you will get an automatic extension of Personal Liability Cover. You are wise to have Personal Liability Cover in case there is a fire (for example) that is deemed to be your fault through negligence, in which case the landlord's insurance company may pursue you for the cost of the loss. Without insurance you may have an unexpected bill of hundreds of thousands of dollars you don't want, or need.

CONTRACT WORKS: If you are building a new structure, or altering an existing one, it is highly likely you'll need to specially insure for the extra work. Your usual domestic insurance policy for your house may not be able to cover you whilst the work is being carried out. Your builder may have cover that will extend to your job, but don't take it for granted.

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