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Personal Travel Insurance:

Lots of people ask if they should have travel insurance when they travel overseas. The obvious answer is yes, because you just don't know what might happen and whats costs could be incurred.

Many people don't know that some policies don't cover you if you are working whilst overseas, nor do many people realise that "existing medical conditions' actually extend to include close family who are at home. So, if you have a close relative at home in poor health that may necessitate you returning home at short notice, you need to be sure you're covered. Some people take comfort from travel covers that are 'free' when they book in a certain way. My advice is to not feel too comforted.

Best choice: AMP, Vero, CTI or Southern Cross Leisure Travel all available through me.

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Corporate Travel Cover:

If you are in business and anticipate several overseas trips in a year, either by you or members of your staff, you can save a lot of money, unnecessary reptitive application forms and anxiety at the airport because you forgot to arrange cover by seeing us and organising a Yearly Policy. You get 90 days travel cover (you can elect to take more if you like), anywhere in the world, per year. At the end of the policy year a reconciliation is done and if you (everyone that travelled) exceeded 90 days then you pay for the extra. Simple. Good cover. Great service.

Best choice: Vero Corporate Travel

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Some travel insurance stories:

USA; $300,000 uninsured cost; Heart attack during sex in a hot pool.

A tourist has returned from an overseas holiday with a bruised heart after a romantic rendezvous led to a $300,000 hospital visit. Peter Cousins, from Dorset in the UK, was travelling with his partner Dawn Reed when the couple decided to make love in a hot spring in the middle of the Nevada desert. But the excitement proved to be too much for Cousins, who had a heart attack. “When I got up there were pains in my left arm and I just collapsed,” he said. “I didn’t know if I was going to make it, we were in the middle of nowhere."

Reed was forced to run five kilometres to get help, eventually finding a truck driver who was able to call emergency services. The 55-year-old was taken to hospital, where he had a stent placed in his heart. At the end of his stay, Cousins, who had no health insurance, was slapped with a $300,000 medical bill. To add to his heartbreak, the pair ended their relationship when Cousins returned home for treatment. Surprisingly though, Cousins said he has no regrets about what happened.

“It was the most expensive sex ever,” he told SWNS. “I will never be able to forget that I owe so much money, but it was worth it for the sex. It’s always worth it.”

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Australia; $20,000 claim; Heart attack in Noosa. Had to stay in hospital in Australia 4 weeks before able to fly home.

USA; $340,000 claim; Motor vehicle accident. Third Party on cellphone whilst driving ran a red light, NZ tourists hospitalised. Broken ankle, concussion, broken legs, head injuries. Three days ICU. Business Class to fly home.

China, Beijing; $6,000; Food poisoning. Three days in hospital, extended accommodation for couple.

Fiji; $3,500; Chicken pox. Family of three forced to stay on extra 3 weeks whilst child recovered, cost to delay flight.

Australia; $44,000; Blocked artery. Surgery in Australia couldn't be done for 3 weeks, had to be flown home for operation.

Canada; $30,000; Pneumonia. In hospital for 2 weeks and nurse to escort back to NZ Business Class.

London; $50,000+; Broken vertebrae. Fell from bed, spinal surgery and hospitalised 13 days before repatriation to NZ with nurse and partner. Air Ambulance costs in Europe, First Class upgrade to come home.

Norfolk Island; $53,000; Broken legs, two broken ribs and a punctured lung.........all from a fall on a gravel surface. Required Air Ambulance Norfolk Island to Auckland.

Rarotonga; $108,000; Brain infection. Two doctors flown to Rarotonga with Air Ambulance and returned with patient to Auckland.

California, USA; $399,000. Pneumonia causing heart attack. By-pass surgery, delayed in USA several weeks under supervision of nurses.

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